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Commercial Flooring Solutions in Phoenix, AZ

Revive your office’s hard flooring by asking about our commercial flooring solutions. As your trusted commercial floor care team in Phoenix, AZ, we keep your flooring in top shape through improved cleaning methods, appearance lifts, and specialized care based on your specific company needs.

The Three C’s of Commercial Tile Care

Our commercial floor maintenance team doesn’t stop at keeping your tile clean. We use the 3C system—clean, color, and seal and coat—to keep your tile looking new. By de-greasing the tile surface, performing commercial grout cleaning, and re-sealing color, we revive dulled tile and flooring to brand-new condition.

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Seal & Coat

What Makes Our Commercial Flooring Solutions Better?

Grout is porous, which means spilled liquids and substances can deposit dirt under the tile. This leaves stains and untidy appearances, which turn away customers. Our commercial grout care process involves cleaning more than your tile—we get underneath to remove trapped dirt and reseals the tile with fresh layers for a complete restoration. For more information about our commercial flooring solutions, get in touch today.

  • Get commercial flooring solutions regardless of your flooring type. Our professionals provide deep cleaning for vinyl, travertine, marble, concrete, and any other hardwood floor type.

  • Improve your flooring’s appearance with our office floor maintenance package. With high-quality strippers and acrylic polishes, we make sure your floor shines after every treatment.

  • Keep your floors’ daily grime accumulation under control with frequent commercial floor cleaning. Our treatments offer damage-control additives, protecting your flooring from additional dirt and dust intake for a short time.

  • Rest assured that each of our office floor cleaning methods is approved to be environmentally friendly. We are approved by many green initiatives for responsible cleaning methods.

  • Customize your commercial floor maintenance plan to fit your company’s needs. Whether you need routine office floor care for multiple buildings or a one-time scrub down, our floor cleaning company has you covered.

  • Schedule a demonstration of our commercial floor care methods today. We’ll send a professional to show you everything from commercial tile cleaning to restoration techniques.

Long-Lasting Disinfection

Once your floors have been professionally cleaned, we apply a hospital-grade disinfectant, Sporicidin, which has long-term efficacy in killing bacteria that cause odors and illness. We also offer a variety of options to help you communicate cleanliness to employees and guests, including:

  • Clean Chair Cards
  • Clean Workspace Cards
  • Breakroom or Lobby Signage
  • Door/Window Decals
  • Email Templates
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